Jun 3, 2008

Getting ready to leave

We leave Manila in two weeks and it seems too short a time with all that has to be done before we leave. We are cleaning/repairing our house (getting it ready for renters), working at my regular job, preparing the center for our biennial conference and squeezing in time to catch this monitor lizard.

We chased it around the shop wall for ten minutes before catching it. It is about 15 feet long. Oh wait, I forgot the decimal, 1.5 feet long, a baby. Last year the guards on center caught one over 4 feet long, now that is a big honkin' monitor. The guys tell me they are delicious, but it is endangered so we let it go.

Please pray that we will have wisdom on what we realistically can and cannot accomplish during this time. Although very tired with all that has gone on, we are very excited to come home in time for Maren's first birthday party, with grandparents this time!!!

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