Jun 18, 2009

Antipolo Bible Dedication

On Saturday June 13, about 100 of us (most of whom were visitors) left Bagabag for the two-hour drive to the Antipolo Ifugao Bible dedication in Ifugao (eef-oo-gow) province. It was a one-day event with singing, prayer, testimonies, dancing and, of course, eating! The Lord was honored this day.

This is Dick and Lou Hohulin's second translation AND complete Bible; that's right, two translations/two complete Bibles. They are the first in the Philippine branch to complete an entire Bible. The people of Antipolo are very excited to have the WHOLE Word of God in their language.

The kids surrounded Maren ALL day, never growing tired of taking her picture. She did not mind and found things to occupy her time like chasing chickens and filling her shoes with rice.

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