Jun 21, 2010

Closing, transition and moving

Hello dear partners,

Six months have passed by quickly since we've written you. Here's a look at what is happening with the Ballards:

* Slone Abram Ballard was born March 4, 2010! He is now 3 months old and doing very well. Austin and Maren are enjoying their new playmate and can't wait until he grows up and can play more with them. We are enjoying this precious gift from God.

* Rodney has made several trips out to villages to transport translators and help them with various projects. He also had the privilege of photographing a celebration of one translator's life and work among the Ifugao (see our blog for more on this).

* We are in the throes of closing down the SIL center here; of course we're also closing down our home and our lives for the past 4 years. Why is SIL closing this center? Over a year ago, the SIL administration decided that the number of translations to be completed is small enough that we no longer need a center of this size. While it's a good thing for a missionary to work himself out of a job, this has been an emotional time for so many who have lived much of their lives here working towards the cause of Bible translation. Please pray for all those affected by the closing of this center which has been in this community for over 50 years.

* Rodney has been doing some career testing and has become interested in pursuing photography in missions. What does this mean for us? The Lord is leading us to an African country where Rodney will work in the Communications department, and specifically as a photojournalist. In the meantime, when we leave the Philippines July 13 we will have a short furlough living near Joy's parents again. Rodney will possibly take some photography and writing classes as well during this time in the

We will be in touch as we learn more of what our next steps will be. Of course, we appreciate your prayers for God's guidance!

Love, The Ballard Family

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