Sep 1, 2010

A change of heart

For weeks now, we have been preparing Austin for riding the bus to school and he has waited with excited anticipation for his first bus ride. However, once that big rumbling yellow machine squeaked to a stop and the doors opened, he had a 180 degree change of heart and clung to me for dear life.

Setting him in the front seat and stepping back outside, I could see the fear on his face as he screamed for me to come back. Watching the bus drive away I felt like I had just abandoned him on a freight car destined for some distant prison camp.

To our relief the school called and said that he did just fine once the bus drove away.

A mature woman told me later that morning that that was a first step towards breaking away from him as a baby. She's right. She must be a mother.

UPDATE: Austin had no problems on the bus ride home or getting on the next morning.

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