Sep 5, 2012

A day away with African friends

This past weekend we spent the night with a family here in Cameroon. Madame Gado works at the SIL center here in Yaounde and graciously agreed to host us for the night. We really feel like we have made new friends. She included Joy in much of the cooking which included many new things like stripping greens, removing the skin off peanuts and more.
Separating the peanuts from the chaff in the breeze on the porch
Working in the kitchen with the ladies
Visiting the local shop where we had food ground before cooking
Sugarcane, tough to get to but worth the effort
Cooking the food we had ground up the road

Madame Gado, a lovely lady with a ready smile
Rodney was there too, he just always seems to find himself behind the camera!

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