Dec 15, 2012

God's Word for the San people

About a month ago a San community in Botswana celebrated the completion of a translation of the New Testament into their language called Naro. You’ve probably heard of the San, but maybe not by that name. The San people (also known as bushmen) were made famous by the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy.
This is the first time ever that a San language has had a translation of the New Testament.
It is estimated that more than five other San languages in southern Africa will also need their own translation of the scriptures because they do not have enough fluency in another language that currently has a scripture translation.
I sent a photographer, Zeke du Plessis, to photograph the celebration. Take a look at more of Zeke’s photos here.
One touching moment he captured was when a colleague, Durk Meijer, showed an older San man how to use a device with an audio version of the Naro New Testament on it.
You can see him here carefully listening to the content.
What a great smile he had after listening to just a little bit of God’s Word in his language!

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Heather Pubols is Rodney's immediate supervisor and originally assigned Rodney to photograph this dedication. But his schedule was too full that month, including a two week working trip to South Africa, and he had to back out. More to come on Rodney's South Africa trip.

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