Feb 15, 2013

Meet Diane

In 2008 I started this blog to keep people informed about our ministry in Bible translation, photographing my work with translators and telling their story. What I did not realize was that God was using this as preparation for our future in Wycliffe. In short, when the Bagabag center where we worked in the Philippines closed, He opened the door to journalism in Africa, and the photo-stories on our blog would qualify me for the position. I am very excited about this change, because I get to be a part of what informs and inspires people to become involved in Bible translation.

Now that we are in Cameroon, it's great to finally be working in this new role. I get to spend time on the front lines with the translators, documenting what God is doing among the Bibleless peoples, for the edification of the global church.

And that brings me to Diane Lovell. While in South Africa last December our team of photojournalists worked on stories together. Elyse and I interviewed and photographed Diane, who is a translation consultant-in-training, soon to begin working with the South African Sign Language Bible translation. Part of our assignment was to give a short presentation and, being familiar with video editing, I put together the above video. It is the first publication from our meetings in December and will soon be published in Chinese, Spanish, French and Portugese. It can also be seen (larger) on the Wycliffe.net site, where it, and many other of our works as journalists, are published.


  1. Hello from the Johnson Family!!! So grateful for the newsletter and the blog updates as we excitedly wait to hear news from you! We've moved back to Wake Forest for Bradley to continue Seminary studies, but I'll send more info by letter to Joy. Miss you all and praying for you!
    Much love from your Sister-in-Christ, Kelly Johnson

  2. It's exciting to see your name on a by-line for one of our Wycliffe stories!