Apr 27, 2013

Austin & Maren: Brother/Sister Derby Car Racers

On a homemade track in Yaounde Cameroon, about 30 kids took their sons and daughters this morning to participate in the annual Missionary Derby Car Race. Many hours have been spent preparing our cars, one for Austin and one for Maren. Having raced last year in Boy Scouts, I had a few tricks up my sleeve and pulled out all the stops. I knew my their cars would be competitive, but until you get them on the track, you just never really know how good they are.

This years car for Maren is pencil shaped, and Austin's resembles a Prowler. 

Here is Maren in the center lane 'writing off' the competit...I mean, winning... respectful and lady-like. She took fourth overall. Way to go sweetie!

But it was Austin who dominated the day, never loosing a heat. He won 1st place this year, way to go buddy. 

Now that is a genuine Austin smile, and it says it all as he comes to show us his 1st place trophy. 

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  1. That's MY grandson!! Way to go Austin!! You are the best! You and Papa make a great Team. And that's MY granddaughter too! Hurray for Maren! Way to show those boys up! kudos from gramma