Jul 17, 2013

Rodney moonlights as a babysitter...

Rodney's been on the hunt for a chameleon for a while now, but they are hard to come by. So when a friend went on vacation, he offered to look after theirs. Leaf does not change into the drastically bright colors of others breeds, but he is still fun to have around and is an amazing shot. His tongue is longer than his body. And at 8 frames per second, my camera just barely caught this mornings feeding.


  1. Awesome photos! Lock up that mirror and shoot faster. How do you know when to start shooting?

  2. Hey that's a good idea, I'll do that next time. Already I was at 500th of a sec, 1000th would be nice. He lets me know he's gonna shoot by opening his mouth a little bit for about 1 second before ZAP! He opens his mouth and I start shooting.