Feb 8, 2008

A window of opportunity

Ok, so the title is punn-ish. But I did have the opportunity to return to the village of Karao and install a kitchen window for Bible translator Sherri Brainard.

Her house is very basic: An outside squatty potty (shared with neighbors); corrugated tin walls/roof; minimal furnishings and battery back-up for lighting when the electricity goes out (which is quite common). It has only been recently that a cell phone tower has been erected near her village. This gives Sherri a little peace of mind knowing that she can contact us in Bagabag when needed.

Her kitchen was very dark and cave-like, however when we cut out the opening and the sun shone through, we instantly knew this window was going to make all the difference in the world. The window looks partially into the outside 'CR' (bathroom) so we installed frosted glass for the bottom part, and clear glass on the top, giving her a nice view of the other side of the valley. This window will brighten her kitchen and her spirits. She commented "why didn't I do this 20 years ago?"

In speaking this week with a pastor in our town, they were asking for Bibles in the local language. They regularly use versions like the NIV, NAS, King James and even the Message (English is widely spoken here), but these simply don't speak to their heart like their mother tongue, Ilocano.

Thank you for your partnership with us, in helping translators like Sherri give the Word of God to those who still don't have it in a language that speaks to their heart.


  1. Rodney, Joy -- thanks for posting the pictures and informative comments on that project. It's as close to 'being there' as I can get, and deepens my appreciation for the work you and others are doing. Thanks for being vessels to spread God's Word, God's Truth. Keep us informed about how we can pray very specifically for you and your area's work. Loving you -- Ginger, Dennis

  2. Yes, it is very interesting to see what you actually do there and the home of the missionary. It helps me to understand your dedication to your work and how spoiled we are here...how about a 'day in the life of' JOy?
    love you all,

  3. LOL Rodney, funny your blog name is rodent!

  4. Amazing to see a photo of Sherri! Tell her I was googling her name. Knew her years ago, early 80's.
    Ruth Sammons, nee Gordon