Mar 20, 2008

It's official: We are coming 'home'!

We finally bought our tickets and will be in the States June 18, in time for a California birthday for Maren on the 22nd. We will be in SoCal from June 18 to mid Sept. Then we will be in the Carolinas till we return to Ca in time for Christmas. Then we depart for the Philippines on Dec.31, arriving on Jan. 2.

The pictures are from a recent trip to Manila for a week of cultural orientation. During some down time we were able to go out to eat. One of the places has a play area that Austin chose over eating ice cream.


  1. Yeah!! It will be so great to see you:)

  2. Yay, can't wait until you guys are back!

  3. Hi. Thanks for the great family photos. Glad you will have the opportunity to visit with family and friends in the States. Maybe you could plan a trip back to the field via Australia sometime!!

    Love and blessings