Mar 28, 2008

Finally it's gone!!!

It has been a year in the making, or un-making really. We 'owned' this 1983 Hilux for a little less than a year but were no longer interested in maintaining it. So after a quick search for another owner (no responses) we decided to 'destroy' it. That is, remove it from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration system and then sell it for scrap.

But it needed a current registration to do this. It would not run at the time so I was unable to get an emmissions test. But the Lord prevailed and this test was bypassed due to previously established relationships with LTO officers. Many hours both in maintenance and in the legal offices have been spent taking care of this situaltion.

Thankfully it is over and as of March 28, 2008 it left the center for the last time. The red plate (diplomat issue) Blue Hilux has been in the SIL family since '83 and has taken many-a-translator to their village allocation. But it's hay day is gone and the time has come for it to move on to greener junkyards.


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  1. Wow, how about that bus that was towing your truck? Was that the Partridge Family Bus Filipino style?