Nov 9, 2008

In the Carolinas now

We are now in North Carolina and living in the parsonage of Joy's father's church (he is the senior pastor). Rodney is currently making a desk for his study. The church/house is in the country and our closest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away. There is a lot of room on the property for the kids to play.

We have really enjoyed being here for the turning of the leaves. One night after a church cookout we got a nice shot of Jupiter, the moon, and Venus with the church steeple in foreground. During the cookout I 'launched' two of my hot air balloons, but for some reason both of them crashed and burned. I was disappointed they didn't fly, but the kids loved seeing them burn, so it was still a good show.

We recently returned from a trip to Alabama to see Rodney's grandmother who just turned 91. She is the last of 8 siblings. This was her first time meeting Maren, so it was a special time for us.

During the Taylorsville Apple Festival we found this old fire truck and took some photos. As I was sitting in the driver's seat I realized the key was in the ignition and I thought, 'I bet this thing really runs'. And sure enough it is a running (but not working) 'engine', and Austin found the horn too.

We return to Calif. on Dec. 16 and fly to the Philippines on the 31st.

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