Jun 22, 2008

We are "home"

We made it safely to the US and our body clocks are adjusting. Before we left we were able to get Austin a hair cut where he sits in a car and watches "Cars", the movie. I got a hair cut too but the car chair was too small for me.

Austin loves airplanes and was over-the-top fascinated with the jets at the airport. The kids did great on the plane and got more sleep than we did.

Austin loves feeding my mom's tortoise, the biggest 'turtle' he has seen.

We are especially grateful to have been able to celebrate Maren's birthday here with grandparents, on the actual day even.

We are living in a small three bedroom house in the wood-streets in Riverside. It's a nice little house built in 1933-34, with new air conditioning. Thank you for your prayers for our travels and settling in. Folks here have been very generous and provided a care package with food and grocery store gift certificates; what a blessing. We look forward to seeing you on our furlough.

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  1. Hi Joy and Rodney,

    Greetings from Australia. We trust you have a wonderful and fruitful time back in the States.

    It was great to see the pictures of you and the children.

    Every blessing,
    Carol (and Graeme)