Aug 13, 2012

Within our little compound (compact in size, dense in population) we are surrounded by very friendly folks who are here for one main reason, to see Cameroonians have the Bible in their own languages. There is a playground directly in front of our end of the triplex, where our kids can be found having fun with their new friends. Well, most of the time they are all found here. Slone is a roamer and likes to hang out with the guard at the gate, or visit a neighbors house where he can play with their cats. He has yet to meet a stranger. In the Sackett chronicles he'd be Jubal.

Below in yellow is the Newland compound, the bed icon is our end of the triplex. The path/boundary in blue is Austin's school. Click here to see it bigger on the web and have a look around.

Kudos to my wife who is working hard to make this our home. It's been 11 days, but she has learned how and where to buy food (different vendors in different parts of the city) and today we had our first honest-to-goodness home cooked meal- baked honey mustard chicken, so good!

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