Jul 22, 2013

Baptism by photography

Recently I have gotten into spherical panoramas. That is, panoramas that allow you to use your mouse to see fully up/down and side to side, for a fully immersive photographic experience. This is the next best thing to actually being there yourself.

The photo above is what a spherical panorama looks like if printed. Visit this link below to see it how it is meant to be viewed on your computer. Once there, click and drag your mouse on the main image to see all around, you can even go full screen. www.360cities.net/image/rab-11-2 

The photo is of a baptism that took place yesterday, the 21st of July, here in Yaounde as four young people publicly declared their new faith in Christ. Michael, above, had the privilege of baptizing his daughter. 

Want more? Click this link to see a spherical of our 4th of July cookout here where we live. www.360cities.net/image/4th-of-july-celebration-africa 

Want even more??? You'll have to wait. After all, I have just gotten into this and have only published these two.

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