Aug 5, 2013

Life in Africa- part 1

It's often the case that in the countries where we've lived (outside the US), that we've struggled where to spend our leisure time. In the States (NC) we'd go the beach, or simply to the mall in Hickory and let the kids jump on the...jumping, thing (huge air bag, harness, long bungee cords, lot's of bouncing). Or during the summer we liked to go biking as a family on easy to access trails in Statesville.

But here in Yaounde we have yet to discover what all is available to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the family.

One thing we have found is the American School of Yaounde (ASOY). And no, we don't send our kids there as it's close to $20,000/child/year. During the dry season, we like to go swimming on a Sunday afternoon right after church. And it seems that most Cameroonians like to do their activities later than Americans, so we usually have the pool almost all to ourselves the entire time. It's a nice way to unwind and relax till late afternoon, and there is little enough traffic on a Sunday so as to not undo what was done.

Here is a pano of the pool, click here to interact with it in all of it's digital 360ยบ glory:-)

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  1. You do have the pool almost completely to yourselves! Looks like a fun afternoon!