Jan 24, 2014

A few more spherical panos...

On the grounds of Collegiale de Neuchâtel

On the grounds 2 of Collegiale de Neuchâtel. And no, that is not a cigarette hanging out of my some tourists mouth, just some white stuff on the roof in the background. Honest!

The same bum in the Collegiale grounds pano showed up in the Rlle William-Mayor tunnel. Was he following me or was I following him?

Which pano is your favorite? So far Le Cabinet d'Amateur has gotten the most feedback. The candle-soot ceiling writings are unique and give the bookshop that 'special something'. Reading the writing, some of which is nearly 300 years old, I can't help but wonder what their lives were like back then in that 17th century winery.

1 comment:

  1. The bookstore continues to be my favorite. As for the cigarette, when in Rome.... Or in this case, Neuchatel