Jan 30, 2014

You might be a missionary if...

-your kids ask if the power is on before they open the fridge door (they're not allowed to open the fridge if the power is off)
-your kids think the electricity has been cut when you turn a light off.
-when the electricity comes back on, everyone in the neighborhood yells "YEAAA!"
-you're kinda excited over a $3 can of Ragu sauce because it means you don't have to make pasta sauce from scratch today!
-you don't know whether to greet someone in French or English, not knowing which is their first language
-you go to the hangar and use jet fuel to clean your bike
-your daily beauty regimen includes mosquito spray and sunscreen
-your Valentine's day gift includes a much revered imported can of Dr. Pepper!
-in the course of a walk, you smell ripe guavas, breakfast cooking over someone's fire, and their pit toilet!
-your dining table's centerpiece is an emergency lantern
-your kids are in awe when they see their breath in the morning (West African MK's that is)

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